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fixed roof

With a fixed glass roof you do not lose light, space and you can take advantage of your porch, terrace or balcony. We work with high security laminated glass. There are three types of glass: transparent, opaque and grey.

Fixed polycarbonate roofs are protected from low temperatures and maintain thermal insulation. Polycarbonate is a resistant, flexible material and has a large quantity.

Designed to provide coverage and partial insulation for your terrace. Like the rest of our products, they are highly customizable, adapting to the needs of each client. Therefore you can choose the measurements, materials and colors. We also offer perfect finishes so you can enjoy your terrace all year round.

Opting for the purchase of imitation tile covers is opting for a perfect combination of quality, protection and design for outdoor spaces. They not only serve as a cover in the case of parking and vehicle rest areas, but also to provide special protection for a specific space.

Fixed Roof Profiles

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